About Us

Bringing Top Talent Together

Our team is comprised of high level executives with individual expertise in each of the cost savings categories we service. While many firms offer some degree of depth in one or two areas, what makes us unique is the breadth and depth of savings we uncover in numerous areas.

Success Stories

Our team of Tax and Cost Reduction experts bring decades of industry expertise to driving costs down, finding you tax refunds, credits and abatements, and delivering these savings, credits and refunds quickly to your bottom line with minimal disruption and no change of vendors or processes.  In this arena, size doesn't matter.  We are here to serve your company or Non-Profit organization, large, mid-size or small.     


Because we’re paid on contingency we’re motivated to use our unique expertise to produce the most attractive savings possible.  The result you should expect is, to save  $700-$1,000 per employee.  If you have 400 full time employees, the savings we want you to expect is $280,000 to $400,000 per year.  This assurance is possible using proprietary solutions. The audit expertise of tax recovery experts, insurance experts, freight experts, and experts from specific disciplines make it possible for us to yield substantial improvements to your company’s profitability and cash flow.