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Solid Solutions Advisory Group works collaboratively with agents and brokers to complement your portfolio of product offerings.

Solid Solutions Advisory Group is always looking to team up with experienced brokers that understand this space.  We are looking for the best of the best who have an understanding of worksite related wellness programs that can bring value to this program.  In order for employees to qualify, they must already have health coverage, either through their employer, their spouse or within the standard marketplace. However, we are able to help with Minimum essential coverage, (MEC) to help them qualify.  For those who understand the value of this program, we would be interested in speaking with you. We work with a different array of products and services that are bundled in a unique way that will benefit your clients, and enhance your product offerings.  Please send a message to our office via the contact us link and one of our agents will be in touch with you. We look forward to speaking with you.