Areas of Specialty

Lower costs and improve your profits without reducing staff, changing vendors, or cutting corners.


Every organization negotiates with the intent of getting the best rates for products and services.  The issue is that although your company may have extremely capable people, there are specific tools and training we utilize that are not widely known or easily accessible.  These include but are not limited to: extensive databases of best-in- class pricing, audit software, knowledge of unpublished discounts, extensive pricing databases and the deep knowledge of all  of the nuances and negotiating protocols necessary to attain best pricing.  Our cost reduction specialists come from deep within these industries and keep their finger on the pulse of changes in each suppliers’ markets and behaviors.  This allows us to benchmark costs and spending, factor in new innovations and manage customer relationships.

Bottom Line Commitment


We are committed to enhancing the financial, physical and mental well-being of your employees.  We have unique solutions with proven results. Our mission is to help businesses offer cost effective, comprehensive  products and solutions that can reduce out-of-pocket costs for your employees.  We invite you to learn if your company is eligible for this unique program that can put Thousands to Hundreds of Thousands per year back into your bottom line while offering extra benefits to your employees.  


Tax-Free Retirement-


Let us show you how to remove the IRS as your retirement income partner legally & ethically, increase cash flow, & keep more spendable income for retirement TAX FREE.  Experience the gains of the upside of the market without the risk of loss.   You are protected with a zero floor, so there is no fear of losing ANY of your investment if the market drops or crashes.  Have the freedom and flexibility of having access to your investment cash flow anytime with no penalties or taxes.    

Living Benefits


Did you know that less than 2% of all term life insurance policies ever pay out to a beneficiary, but 7 out of 10 people will have a heart attack, stroke or cancer before age 65 and live?  Many people are not aware of Life Insurance that includes living benefits, and don't realize that this option does NOT cost more than traditional life insurance, but will pay you while you're alive in the event of a critical, chronic or terminal illness, or critical injury.  If you've never heard of this benefit, let us show you how affordable it is to be prepared to live. 

Cost Reduction


    Allow us to find you Specialized Tax Incentives and Cost Savings you may not be taking advantage of.  Surprisingly few companies take full advantage of the available credits to which they are entitled.  This is important because regulations change from year-to- year.  Is your company taking  full advantage of the layers of credits  that are available?  The cost reduction industry has the benefit of a domino effect.  A reduction in one category often leads to reducing costs in numerous other categories.